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It is with sincere sadness that The House Coffee Sanctuary must announce it will be permanently closing its doors on Sunday November 30, 2014 at 9 PM. Beginning Tuesday December 2, 2014 operations will be assumed by the new owners. Though the space will continue to offer café services, The House Coffee Sanctuary in all respects including staff, programming, and essence will no longer be present to any extent.

The House Coffee Sanctuary has recently faced many factors which have lead to this end including the new landlords. The community of Kensington has often demonstrated a high priority of community and connectivity through culture and shared experience. One reason why The House Coffee Sanctuary loved this neighborhood so much was because of these dynamics and it is through these strengths that it is possible to face change with resilience. We have had the privilege to witness changes in both the face of this neighborhood as well as in the lives of people we have known. From this we are certain of the positive possibilities that change can bring. In moving forward we encourage and challenge people to seek out ways of creating connectivity and being agents of positive change in their communities.

The House Coffee Sanctuary was unique. In addition to their continual pursuit of offering an exceptional café experience with high quality product and great service, it provided a haven and sanctuary for anyone who came through the doors. The House Coffee Sanctuary was a community oriented space which provided a hub for connection and opportunities for positive engagement. Their attitude has always been to serve with an open door policy and to treat every person with dignity, respect, love and grace whether that be seniors, the homeless, those facing mental health challenges, or those looking for good conversation in home away from home. The vision of The House Coffee Sanctuary was one of acceptance. No matter what walk of life a person who entered its doors came from, they were welcome; it was one that provided people a place to which they knew they belonged. An initial vision of First Alliance Church, the sanctuary was open for all who entered for 13 years.

This closure has been made with deep care and consideration. The House Coffee Sanctuary would like to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers, all present and previous staff, the long term advocates of our vision to offer anyone a place to be accepted and cared for, First Alliance Church for their long standing support and all of our community partners. Despite that this space will no longer stand as a sanctuary for those who need it, the legacy remains in all the stories people carry of how The House Coffee Sanctuary impacted or changed lives. We at The House Coffee Sanctuary continue forward with a passion to serve those in need with grace and love. We have always believed in serving each person we meet with equal dignity and respect and look for ways to come alongside the at risk and marginalized. Thank you to everyone who shared in making this possible for the past 13 years. The power of community lies in the individuals who act on their responsibility to care for and love each other; spaces which foster this community are crucial to the health and wellness of our city. We have had the privilege to be a part of this community and it is with great sadness that we announce the end of this initiative.

An adjunct of this outreach were regular open-mic nights, art exhibits, and provision of a venue for touring and local musicians. The House Coffee Sanctuary operated a volunteer program and had recently developed an “empowerment through employment” program in partnership with community agencies for at risk youth in Calgary. The House Coffee Sanctuary has also provided judges and competitors in the Regional Barista Championships.

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