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Have Your Say, Thanking The Community of Kensington 2


It has been an absolutely amazing experience serving everyone through The House Coffee Sanctuary, and there is a great deal of sadness that comes with our closing on November 30. However even though there are tears that come, there is much to recognize and to celebrate.

We have had the privilege of serving the amazing community of Kensington for the past 13 years. It has been an rewarding journey. We would love to express our sincere gratitude to all or our loyal regulars. So many people have come through our doors that have become far more than just customers. We have built a huge extended family here and The House would not be the same without you. You provided an atmosphere of community, where so many people experienced peace. Thank you for supporting us.

We would also love to extend a huge THANK YOU to our staff through the years. So many amazing people took our mandate of building bridges and stepped into the lives of people with needs. It is amazing to see all the ways so many of our staff lived out our vision and allowed it to transform them, to see the world with new eyes, ready to treat those around them with grace and compassion. We are so grateful you chose to give yourselves to this place.

Special thanks to all the managers and assistant managers through the years who really embodied this place: Ryan Graham who brought the original vision into being, Ryan Lottermoser, Amanda Moore, Derrick Mitchell, Samantha Bell, Shannon Drobot, Jordan Maier, Jenessa McCauley and Josh Albers.

We thank all of our community partners including the neighborhood businesses , our employment program partners and summer program facilitors who enabled us to mentor and encourage youth of Calgary in not only employment related skills but in all aspects of life.
Special recognition to all the volunteers and event hosts that enriched our space with diversity, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Thank you to the all the groups how have gathered in our space in any capacity, for the ways in which you mentored and coached your participants and lovingly cared for The House community. Thank you for your commitment and continual support.

The House would love to extend a huge THANK YOU to First Alliance Church. They are the reason we have been able to do all we did. Without this church, The House would have never been. We are so grateful to their generosity that allowed this amazing ministry to function for 13 years. Thank you for your vision and long standing support through the years.

The power of community lies in the individuals who act on their responsibility to care for and love each other; spaces which foster this community are crucial to the health and wellness of our city. We have had the privilege to be a part of this community and it is with great sadness that we announce the end of this initiative.

Although we have a very little time left, we want to celebrate these last days. We would love to see you before the closure to celebrate, share memories and say goodbye. Allow these remaining days to be filled with joy. Ultimately that’s why The House existed, to be a tangible expression of the love and grace of Jesus Christ. Allow that love and grace to set the tone for the time left.

To whatever extend we can, we want to help keep connections alive, The House Coffee Sanctuary Facebook page will be released as the “Friends of The House” page on Monday December 1 2014. It is there that you all may continue to network and keep in the loop. In addition this webpage has been reformatted into a Story Board. We want to hear your stories.

Write out how The House has inspired or impacted you in any way and post it here.

It is here that you can share the memories and celebrate the greater narrative of The House Coffee Sanctuary.

Thank you and God Bless

Press Release: The House Coffee Sanctuary Permanent Closure – Sunday November 30 2014 0



It is with sincere sadness that The House Coffee Sanctuary must announce it will be permanently closing its doors on Sunday November 30, 2014 at 9 PM. Beginning Tuesday December 2, 2014 operations will be assumed by the new owners. Though the space will continue to offer café services, The House Coffee Sanctuary in all respects including staff, programming, and essence will no longer be present to any extent.

The House Coffee Sanctuary has recently faced many factors which have lead to this end including the new landlords. The community of Kensington has often demonstrated a high priority of community and connectivity through culture and shared experience. One reason why The House Coffee Sanctuary loved this neighborhood so much was because of these dynamics and it is through these strengths that it is possible to face change with resilience. We have had the privilege to witness changes in both the face of this neighborhood as well as in the lives of people we have known. From this we are certain of the positive possibilities that change can bring. In moving forward we encourage and challenge people to seek out ways of creating connectivity and being agents of positive change in their communities.

The House Coffee Sanctuary was unique. In addition to their continual pursuit of offering an exceptional café experience with high quality product and great service, it provided a haven and sanctuary for anyone who came through the doors. The House Coffee Sanctuary was a community oriented space which provided a hub for connection and opportunities for positive engagement. Their attitude has always been to serve with an open door policy and to treat every person with dignity, respect, love and grace whether that be seniors, the homeless, those facing mental health challenges, or those looking for good conversation in home away from home. The vision of The House Coffee Sanctuary was one of acceptance. No matter what walk of life a person who entered its doors came from, they were welcome; it was one that provided people a place to which they knew they belonged. An initial vision of First Alliance Church, the sanctuary was open for all who entered for 13 years.

This closure has been made with deep care and consideration. The House Coffee Sanctuary would like to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers, all present and previous staff, the long term advocates of our vision to offer anyone a place to be accepted and cared for, First Alliance Church for their long standing support and all of our community partners. Despite that this space will no longer stand as a sanctuary for those who need it, the legacy remains in all the stories people carry of how The House Coffee Sanctuary impacted or changed lives. We at The House Coffee Sanctuary continue forward with a passion to serve those in need with grace and love. We have always believed in serving each person we meet with equal dignity and respect and look for ways to come alongside the at risk and marginalized. Thank you to everyone who shared in making this possible for the past 13 years. The power of community lies in the individuals who act on their responsibility to care for and love each other; spaces which foster this community are crucial to the health and wellness of our city. We have had the privilege to be a part of this community and it is with great sadness that we announce the end of this initiative.

An adjunct of this outreach were regular open-mic nights, art exhibits, and provision of a venue for touring and local musicians. The House Coffee Sanctuary operated a volunteer program and had recently developed an “empowerment through employment” program in partnership with community agencies for at risk youth in Calgary. The House Coffee Sanctuary has also provided judges and competitors in the Regional Barista Championships.

The House Coffee Sanctuary’s General Manager, Jenessa McAuley, may be contacted for further information at

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The House Coffee Sanctuary to Close 0


It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we at the House have to announce that on December 14th will be the closure of our shop. Please stay tuned as next week we will be announcing further details in regards to our closure. If you have any questions, however, we invite you to please come by the shop and request to speak with our management who will be more than willing to answer your questions.

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Approves our coffee we assume, but also barista Josh (we assume).


The House adds fourth roaster to mix 0


The House is proud to introduce our fourth roaster addition to our unique coffee market: Caffe Rosso. First batch arrives Wednesday, November 19, 2013! The Kensington coffee scene just got cooler.

Amber Bauer This Saturday 0


7 PM at The House, happy to present Amber Bauer.

The House Coffee Sanctuary featured in Thrive Calgary 0


…the Kensington community has experienced gentrification and the decline of street people living in the area. In response, the shop is strategically thinking about how they can engage community while still addressing social injustice. “As the demographic in Kensington changes, what is our role in the community?” Derrick explained their constant reflection.“Kensington has gone through a lot of shifts, where it becomes different things for different communities,” he added. “I want them to care about street people,” Derrick said in regards to the new residents.

Check it out! Thrive Calgary blog.

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Don’t forget Sun N Salsa THIS SUNDAY!!!!! We’ll have LEMONADE!



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